So as graduation draws nearer it’s time to sort out a plan for how to get a job, for getting my showreel and portfolio noticed. This is what I came up with after looking around a bit:

  • Website – search engine optimisation
  • Portfolio – on website plus DeviantART
  • Forums – join loads and post work
  • Social Media – Twitter and Facebook page
  • Tutorial – videos and written
  • Business cards
  • Networking

I figured these steps out by looking at other peoples websites and by reading this:


I have spent some time thinking about my showreel. It is really important to me that I get it right. I am aiming on a career as an environment artist and I need my showreel to reflect this. As it is I only have one completed environment I am satisfied with and one that is heading towards completion. During the coming term I will focus on completing the levels I have and one other. This will mean I will have three levels for my showreel. As it is I’m not sure which to focus on most during the showreel as only one is complete so far. I hope to create a varied showreel which reflects my skills as an environment artist. The level I have which is already complete is based on Total Recall and is therefore a bit of a grungy sci-fi scene, the one I am currently working on is a gothic church and therefore focuses more on intricate and old architecture and my final level is going to be an underground industrial plant in a steampunk style. Whilst I think this will show great variation I believe I may have to work out a way in which to showcase some organic modelling. I don’t have anything planned in this area yet and thus I’m not including it in my current showreel plan.

My current showreel plan is very basic but outlines the outlines the general feel I want my showreel to have. I am not focusing on any particular assets but on the environments as a whole. This means I am currently not including any wireframe passes which may be a negative aspect, but my favourite environment showreels don’t include wireframes and therefore I think it may not necessarily be a bad thing. If in my actual showreel I decide focus on any specific prop I will include wireframe renders, but I find wireframe environments a bit confusing.

Currently I am happy with my introduction and end screens, but I intend to work further on them to reflect me more, perhaps a silhouette environment can be included.  I have not included music since it can easily be distracting.

Here is my showreel plan:

After having a look at various environment and prop artists portfolio I designed a simple and easy to read design for my presentation sheets. I have two versions in the same style; one for environments and one for props.