Week 10– Planning my showreel

Over the last few weeks I have been focusing on making progress with my Total Recall project and my gothic church level. I am currently at a level where I can get together a UDK flythrough for each level, with the Total Recall level already having been made, some improvements to be made to the level. I have yet to plan to make mu church level flythrough, but I have a good idea how it will look. These two levels will be two parts of my showreel. I am also making another level in UDK next term which I plan to include.  This level would be an underground industrial plant. I am thinking it may be a good idea if I do a small and sunny outdoors scene to add some contrast to all my dark scenes, perhaps a small diorama. My worry with this is that the showreel may end up too long. I suppose that’s what the showreel plan is for, making sure the timing and the atmosphere is right.

Having had a lecture on some of the possibilities of After Effects and how to use it I have decided that it will be the program I use to make my showreel. I doubt I will remember all that was said during the lecture, but having this link: http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/ will be helpful when I sit down to put my showreel plan together.

I have had a look at various environment art showreels and I am still a bit unsure how best to lay my showreel out. I know I need to start it with something visually interesting, something that will grab people’s attention. At the moment I believe my Total Recall level will be most appropriate for this, but that may change. Before my first clip I need an introduction screen. I would like this screen to look something like this, but a bit more developed:

I’ll start on my showreel plan properly at some point next week.