I am currently stuck in the loop of attempting to improve on one of my environments (the ART one) and I feel a bit behind on my Advanced Modelling and Animation one. I have finished my ethical approval form for ARP and can therefore put my dissertation out of mind for about a week while I focus on other work. While I feel like I’m a bit behind with AMA I want to focus on ART at least until the alpha presentation.

For ART I am rebuilding the mutant bar “The Last Resort” from Total Recall. I have so far managed to build all models and applied textures to all but a couple (2 different glass bottle meshes and the fluid to go in them). I have been working for many, many hours to get my textures and materials to an acceptable standard since there are a fair few meshes in my scene. I have also spent a lot of time on setting up my lighting and on my flythrough sequence. So far I have this: (low quality video)

Problems I have faced so far include various UDK failures and file problems etc. I have also spent many hours on a fog plane material just to realise I could achieve a better effect by using a fog volume. I have used the fog volume to create a more smokey and dirty atmosphere in the bar without affecting the outside area. I have also had various issues with seams which I have solved by having separate UV channels for lightmaps, hard edges and texturing. I have also added some mobility to the scene by including moving fans, a moving screen and doors that swing open for the camera in the cinematic. I am also planning on including a bit of cloth physics to draperies and some sparks from a couple of lights. I also intend to create some broken glass to replace one of the windows. I also intend to go a bit into post-processing before the alpha presentation.

For AMA I am still at the modelling stage since I have been focusing more on ART, but I have most models done, the lighting set up and a couple of textures finished. I have also looked into various effects to use in the level. The level in question is a gothic revival style church interior. This is what I have so far:

I am planning on making several more meshes, finish materials and add some interactivity and effects. I plan on creating flames for the candles, doors that can be opened, an organ and coloured glass for some windows etc. I have a lot left to do. Once I get the alpha presentation done with.