Everyone has to start somewhere. My 3D work start point was in 2009 when I started my 1st year at the University of Derby. My first 2 3D projects were Maya based only and quite disappointing.

This was my first character, long before I should have attempted character modelling. The anatomy is wrong, the edgeflow is rubbish and the feet and hands are absolutely atrocious. The weapon and the horns are boring. There are no textures, just colours assigned in Maya shaders. The only thing I actually like about this model is the original design idea. To make this model even worth considering for any portfolio it would need to be remade from scratch and even then I wouldn’t use it since I want to focus on environments.

This next project was done simultaneously as the one above and in my mind almost as disappointing. The models are okay I suppose, if a bit dull, and the general layout is useable. The texturing on the other hand leaves much to be wanted. The only textures used are diffuse ones, leaving the room look very flat and dull. Some of the diffuse textures are okay, but needs a bit of work which others need to be redone completely. It may be worth looking into redoing the scene and putting it in UDK to set up some decent lighting and effects, but a lot of work would go to making the scene more interesting.

This next one is the first of my projects which is almost in a state to put in a portfolio. I’d need to do some work with materials and perhaps redo the tree. I’d also need to make the snow more convincing and tweak the lighting a  bit, but it would probably only be a few days worth of work since the modelling is ok and the basic textures only needs a bit of tweaking. Most of the work would be in UDKs material editor.

Now this was a side project in Maya only, but thanks to pure luck in the lighting set-up I chanced upon a very interesting look. I’m quite fond of this little one, but it’s far too simple to go into my portfolio as is. I’d need to some work on details and perhaps importing it into UDK to play with materials.

Starting the 2nd year I went back to attempting characters, this time with much more luck and guidance. For both of these characters the anatomy makes sense, the edgeflow decent and the texturing much better than during my 1st year. The two are rendered in different programs, one being a Maya only project and one a UDK project. I personally prefer the one rendered in UDK (the female). The materials have been much better set up and though both have some issues with their skin (normal maps a bit shaky) the on in UDK has better materials for the rest of her. Both characters have a weakness in their hair. The male character’s hair is made using planes, but there are som isues with the way the planes glow in certain spots and also the specularity’s rubbish. The femal character’s hair was made in lumps, which I don’t think looks good with the rest of her design. Also the specularity and normal maps are really bad. To get these two to an acceptable state I’d need to redo the hair and the normal maps for the skin. I’d also need to remake the hand and polish up some of the textures.  I’d still not use them in my portfolio though since they’re characters and not environments.

Now here we have assets I will actually put in my portfolio, but I’ll have to redo some of the textures and the foundations they’re standing on since they were not made by me. I will need to add some details to the buildings as well I think. I’m happy about all the emissives though, they pull the attention away from the lack of details.

This is the environment that made me want to focus on environments. I love the lighting set-up I used, had lots of fun with textures and the one particle effect I used. I think my textures are much better in this than previous, and the materials work nicely. I do think some of the modelling’s too dull though. I need to add more detail to the locomotives, add some variation between trains and add a few different objects to make the level look less monotonous. I also need to redo the background buildings, they’re just blocks with really bad textures. I also need to redo some textures and meshes since a few used are UDKs standard ones. I’d also like to add some gravel underneath the tracks. I recon it’ll take me a while to get this level to a usable stage, but hey, what’s Christmas for?

This asset was rendered in Maya in an attempt at proper realism; I do think I succeeded nicely. It needs some work on its displacement because it’s causing some corner issues from some angles, but is otherwise fine if perhaps a bit dull.

So I don’t have much to put in my portfolio? Guess I’ll just have to work really hard this year. No Christmas break for me …