This week we presented last week’s findings concerning showreels, I worked with Chris for my presentation. The two of us agreed on the same points regarding the showreels. I also agree with most of the other students findings. It was interesting to see what people came up with. One pair had found an awfully bad showreel which was using a lot of static shots, badly made turntable, bad fade to black effects in strange places, the building brush visible in a few renders and showing of the wrong things in the wrong order. It was an extremely disjointed video, unfortunately I don’t have the URL to this extremely bad showreel, but it has given me a very clear view of thing I will not do for my own showreel; I will not use a lot of fade to black in the middle of a turntable, I will not set my turntables to a high speed, I will not use static shots and I will make sure to render my scenes out properly.

I am still working on improving my environment art and to produce works to go into my showreel. I have delved deep into lighting theory for ARP purposes and I believe I can use this to my advantage in all other modules. I am getting to a stage in all my modules where I have a concrete idea for what I’m doing. I have worked out a few things I need to research which will aid me as an artist. I need to look deeper at camera techniques in UDK, interactive assets, decals and particle effects.