It’s my final year and nervousness is building up. I can’t help but wonder what will happen once I finish university. To answer that question I first need to ask myself where I want to be. I have had many ideas about what I want to do, but my most realistic and most current one is to work as an environment artist. During last my first and second year I had the opportunity to attempt various 2D and 3D aspects, and I have toyed with various ideas, but what seems to suit me best is environment art.

To actually become a good enough environment artist, and get the job I want I’ll need various things. Expanding skills is always necessary and for that reason I’m attempting to focus all my coursework this academic year on environments. This will also help me build up my portfolio and my show reel. As lecturers often mention a good portfolio and a good show reel comes before a good CV.

Projects I have already decided on include one for Advanced Modelling and Animation which will be a mixture of industrialism and Victorian architecture, and my research project which will concern lighting (this will allow me to make a couple of small environments). My Advanced Rendering Techniques project is based on a bar from Total Recall.

Other than a decent level of work in a show reel and a portfolio I also need to set up a website to showcase my work on and perhaps make a business card. There’s a lot to be done.